Finding Slowness in a Busy Season

I do not wish to live a frantic life.

So often I find myself pulled along by the invisible undertow of all the things I think I have to do. If I am not careful, I quickly lose sight of my intentions.

I'm taking some big steps into my community and toward my own personal goals this fall.

New school year.
New church calling.
New book club.
New soccer coaching position.
New writing goals.

I feel vulnerable and insecure and also ready to go for it! I have to remind myself daily that my talents are enough; my temperament is enough. I am Claire, and I am awesome.

Weaving slow, peaceful pauses into my day creates opportunities to check in with myself, reset my brain, and stay in line with my goals.

Here's a small list of ways I'm slowing down and caring for myself during this busy season:

  • Giving Owen a candlelit bath in the evening
  • Painting peg dolls and snipping felt instead of clicking and buying new toys
  • Reading by lamplight in the evening instead of watching TV
  • Making a resting place with pillows and blankets and taking time to do nothing when I am tired instead of scrolling through my phone and handing Owen the iPad
  • Opting for cloth napkins to feel the heft and comfort of linen on my skin
  • Reading essays instead of just short posts
  • Designating a particular basket for giveaway items and filling it each week
  • Emptying my desk drawers and adding back only the necessities
  • Challenging my kids to relay races in the pool instead of sitting on the side 
  • Thinking ahead for my good friend's birthday and delivering a thoughtful gift
  • Leaving time for balanced, nourishing meals (especially lunch)


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