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Restful Activities // February

From the archives ❤️ Valentine's Day 2020 To be honest, January felt like it was never going to leave. We went a week without a kitchen or main living space due to some home renovations and multiple weeks with the outdoor temperature below zero. We were stuck inside and yet had no room to really congregate in. Our physical home was not a refuge for much of the month; sawdust, drywall dust, and the sound of hammering filled the air instead of quiet music, warm cookies, or flickering candles. Many of my homemaking tasks that I love so much were unavailable. My anxiety went through the roof (related or unrelated, I'm not sure), so most days I felt like I was frantically treading water just to stay afloat. The winter blues are no joke. I'll admit we did maybe three  of the restful activities for January . Better than none, I suppose.  And now here we are on the other side. We made it through. It's February! Our home renovations are almost finished, and the ground has thawed

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