Restful Activities // February

From the archives ❤️ Valentine's Day 2020
To be honest, January felt like it was never going to leave. We went a week without a kitchen or main living space due to some home renovations and multiple weeks with the outdoor temperature below zero. We were stuck inside and yet had no room to really congregate in. Our physical home was not a refuge for much of the month; sawdust, drywall dust, and the sound of hammering filled the air instead of quiet music, warm cookies, or flickering candles. Many of my homemaking tasks that I love so much were unavailable. My anxiety went through the roof (related or unrelated, I'm not sure), so most days I felt like I was frantically treading water just to stay afloat. The winter blues are no joke. I'll admit we did maybe three of the restful activities for January. Better than none, I suppose. 

And now here we are on the other side. We made it through. It's February! Our home renovations are almost finished, and the ground has thawed enough to count on time outside every day. I feel myself relaxing, my chest loosening, my breathing normalizing. February brings Valentine's Day, my birthday (I'm turning 35! 😱), and our home team going to the Super Bowl. Things are looking up around here! 

This month's activities have a big dose of red and pink, lots of treats to share, projects to make with loved ones in mind, and as many heart-shaped things as possible. We're going all-in cheerful over here. Enjoy!

  1. Make sugar cookie dough, cut into shapes, and bake
  2. Frost sugar cookies
  3. Deliver cookies to friends and neighbors!
  4. Decorate the mantle with our heart garland
  5. Set out our favorite February picture books
  6. Send Grandma a birthday card
  7. Make valentines for grandmas, aunts, and cousins
  8. Pack heart-shaped sandwiches in lunchboxes
  9. Top every food possible with pink and white sprinkles (toast, yogurt, waffles, PB sandwich, etc.)
  10. Print photos of us with our favorite people
  11. Make photo albums or decorate bulletin boards with above pictures
  12. Exchange family valentine gifts (wrap mine in our red and gold playsilks)
  13. Address class valentines at the table
  14. Eat heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries for breakfast
  15. Make chocolate fondue
  16. Sprinkle a bowl of popcorn with red and pink M&Ms
  17. Make a Valentine snack board
  18. Arrange a vase of pink tulips for the table
  19. Eat family dinner by candlelight
  20. Make a Valentine snack mix: some mixture of pretzels, Chex, marshmallows, teddy grahams, M&Ms, dried strawberries, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, etc.
  21. Take a Love Languages quiz at the table and share our answers (planning to use this one)
  22. Cover the table using a big roll of paper and doodle together
  23. Make mini chocolate muffins
  24. Read about St. Valentine and why we celebrate Valentine's Day (trying this book and this book this year)
  25. Set out paper and pens to write kind notes to family members; leave for them to find
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