Grown-Up School Supplies

"School Supplies," Addie Ford, colored pencil and ink (2023)

If there's a syllabus, there must be a list of school supplies. 

Consider this your ticket to start a fresh notebook, gather some favorite pens, and sharpen a handful of pencils just for yourself

Here are some of my very favorite office supplies:

An extra-large Moleskine notebook with plain pages for lists and rough drafts

2023-24 weekly planner for personal goals and my writing schedule

Pilot G-2 0.7mm black pens and Ticonderoga pencils for doing the writing

Yellow highlighters for crossing off finished tasks

A Book of Centuries for building a personal timeline of history

One mixed-media sketchbook for my nature journal

One mixed-media sketchbook for recording quotes and copying illustrations from my favorite books

Do you buy yourself school supplies?


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