Homeschool + What's Keeping Me Sane So Far

We finished Week 2 of homeschool and I am absolutely soaking up this life. It's one of the biggest life changes I have ever made and if I think about it too hard, I freak out a little inside. But when I let myself sink into the moments, I realize how much richer our lives have become. 

We're reading poetry and scriptures and seeing beautiful artwork every day.
We're playing outside at the park every day.
We're reading really wonderful books every day.
And we're looking each other in the eyes a lot every day.

I have felt our quality of life jump up a few levels this past week. Our family has a common purpose that has united us. There's something very powerful about taking your life into your own hands and living life on your own terms--actually living the life you've always imagined. 

In the moments when I am completely wiped out with nothing left to give, it helps me to remember what an absolute gift this is. A grateful heart has a lot of power over a weary mind. I am grateful for the option to homeschool, to step away from the world's uncertainty and give our family predictable days filled with light and learning and togetherness. 

Here are some other more practical things helping me stay sane:

1. Easy breakfast, easy lunch, easy dinner
I love a beautiful, seasonal, home-cooked meal as much as the next person, but this stage of life calls for meals that come together fast and with very little effort. I'm talking frozen waffles, bags of salad mix, rotisserie chicken, and backpocket recipes that I can make without thinking too hard. We order takeout every Wednesday (when I'm inevitably wiped out) and eat leftovers for dinner one night a week. A few dinners that have worked well so far are
  • Sheet pan dinner: cubed sweet potato, broccoli, sliced chicken sausage-->tossed with oil, S&P and cooked at 400* for 25 min or until fork tender
  • Spaghetti + sauteed veg (right now I'm loving zucchini and kale with lots of garlic)
  • French dip sandwiches + Caesar salad mix + fruit bowl
  • Fried rice
  • Any breakfast food
  • Quesadillas with beans, rotisserie chicken + sliced veggies
  • Grilled cheese + tomato soup (I use Ezekiel bread for myself)
  • Beans + rice
  • Salad mix + shredded rotisserie chicken

2. Rhythm Over Schedule
Homeschooling with a toddler around takes extra consideration, to put it nicely. Owen is as much a part of our family as Addie and Emma, so his needs count too. I've come to think of activities as either "Owen's Awake" activities or "Owen's Asleep" activities. The time and length of Owen's nap differs every day, so to keep from going insane, we've landed on the following rhythm:

Owen's Awake (am)
  • Breakfast together
  • Morning chores
  • Leave the house (park, nature group, library) and bring a lunch
  • Home for naps
Owen's Asleep (pm)
  • Tablework for that day (math, phonics, read-aloud, etc.)
  • Independent reading time
Owen's Awake (pm)
  • Tablework is done, no matter how much we got done
  • Head outside for picture books or just play time
  • Snack time at 3:30, then free time for the rest of the day


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